Flextrainer+: Elevate your home gym experience

Ditipriya Ganguly
Ditipriya Ganguly June 11, 2022
Updated 2022/06/13 at 9:42 AM
FLexnest launches new Flextrainer+

With the advent of the new Flextrainer+, Flexnest has started expanding its smart home workout and health devices into the Indian market. Needless to say, it is India’s first smart cross trainer.

A little backstory of Flexnest – It is a Gurugram-based home fitness technology start-up founded by Ms. Rhea Singh Anand and Raunaq Singh Anand in the year 2021. The startup is known to integrate its smart equipment such as bikes and rowers with content solutions to enable people to workout from the comfort of their homes, with the help of their own Flexnest App. The app provides various workout videos, live virtual classes by trainers based in India and Dubai related to cycling and rowing and various other content related to home training and workouts.  

The start-up has already launched a wide range of products ranging from smart equipment like Flexbikes, Flexrowers, to strength equipment like Flexibell, Flexikettle, Flex barbell. It also provides a plethora of workout accessories such as smart weighing scale, massage guns, yoga range, etc.

Flextrainer+ is smart, that is Bluetooth enabled- which also means it can easily connect to your Android and iOS smartphones. This is an eye candy for all the fitness fanatics and health freaks who love to workout but from the comfort of their own homes. Along with providing performance-tracking metrics and a real-time leaderboard, the Flextrainer is also compatible with the Flexnest heart rate monitor.


Flextrainer+ is currently priced at Rs. 64,999 and is available for pre-order on the official website of Flexnest. Click here to order: https://www.theflexnest.com/products/flextrainer

Along with it, you will also get a 6-month complimentary membership to the Flexnest App which also lets you compete against other community users.

You can also visit any nearby Flexnest store in your city and know more about it. 

With its aim to be one of the largest D2C fitness brands in India and launch more smart and innovative fitness products, they have their walk-in stores in big, high-traffic, metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. 

Customers who are looking to upgrade their home-workout experience can definitely try it out!

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