Garmin releases a new collection of smartwatches

Sharmaine Centeno
Sharmaine Centeno March 15, 2019
Updated 2022/04/14 at 10:58 AM

Garmin introduced its new smartwatches line-up with different features but focusing on fitness and activities.

The new Garmin’s Marq collection includes Athlete, Expedition, Captain, Aviator, and Driver smartwatches. The Marq Athlete has an ultra-light titanium case and a high-performance strap. The Athlete smartwatch includes a luxury modern tool watch that gives recovery time, V02 max scales on the bezel, user’s performance and progress snapshot, maps with a route, running dynamic, and biometrics. The Marq Expedition has a wide-gauge signature “X” stitch and an Italian vacchetta leather strap. The Expedition model includes topographic maps, Pulse OX sensor, built-in ABC navigation sensors, 360-degree compass bezel, and an app that will extend the battery life of the smartwatch. The Marq Captain has a navy ceramic bezel and jacquard-weave strap which is made in France by artisans. It includes a regatta timer with improved GPS technology, tack assist, and man overboard button. The Marq Aviator has a swept-wing titanium bracelet. It also has Direct-to emergency navigation, mirror-polished 24-hour GMT bezel, and two additional time zones. The Marq Driver has a titanium bracelet and “unprecedented diamond-like carbon coating with ceramic bezel inlay”. It includes more than 250 preloaded global racetracks, tachymeter, an automatic lap splits, and live delta time.

The Marq collection is now available with a starting price of $1,500for the Marq Athlete, $1,750for the Marq Expedition, $1,850 for the Marq Captain, $1,950.00 for the Marq Aviator, and $2,500 for Marq Driver.

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