Get Ready to Shop Till You Drop: Small Sellers Boost E-commerce Ads for Festival Season!

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 5, 2024
Updated 2024/02/05 at 4:29 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, the holiday season is here, and what do you know? Small businesses are preparing to take over the world of e-commerce, and they aren’t holding back on the advertising blitz! This year’s festival season looks to be a huge success, so be ready to do some major buying.

Lighting, camera, sales! “Small Sellers Shine Bright”

Imagine a virtual shopping fiesta that is rife with exclusive offers, discounts, and eye-catching advertisements. Small vendors are ready to steal the show at this time of year when e-commerce platforms come alive with the spirit of festivals. Redseer said that these vendors want to increase their marketing spending by a whooping 75% in order to take full advantage of the holiday season.

The Spree: “Spending on Ads Takes Center Stage”

Hold onto your shopping trolleys because advertising spending is going to soar! According to the estimate, internet advertising spending will soar by a startling 15% over the festival season this year compared to last. But that’s not all—it represents a startling 50% increase compared to this year’s typical business days. Talk about throwing yourself into the celebrations!

Amazon and Flipkart are “Big Players, Bigger Sales!”

Let’s now discuss the two main competitors in the market, Flipkart and Amazon. In order to prepare for the lavish Diwali festival in November, they have designated the second week of October as the start of their signature season discounts. Get ready for some incredible bargains and discounts!

“A Shopping Bonanza Like Never Before” during the festival frenzy.

Wait till you hear this: internet merchants anticipate a mind-blowing 20% increase in sales over last year, amounting to over Rs 90,000 crore. If you think those numbers are large, wait until you hear this. Why? In any case, when consumer spending resumes its previous levels, consumers are going all out, and the scale of their purchases is expanding. It’s a shopper’s paradise!

Growth over a Decade: “From Rs 27,000 Crore to Rs 5,25,000 Crore”

The Indian e-commerce sector has increased by about 20 times in only a decade. It’s true what you just read! In 2014, it had a GMV of Rs 27,000 crore, and by 2023, it is anticipated to have grown to an astounding Rs 5,25,000 crore. That is some major development!

“Buy, Promote, Repeat!”

There you have it, everyone! This festival season is going to set new records, so be ready to fill your online shopping baskets. Small businesses are stepping up their marketing efforts while major firms are preparing for a clash. Now is the time to promote, shop, and repeat! Happy shopping this holiday season!

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