Gmail to be upgraded with AI-powered features such as email summarisation 

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar June 7, 2024
Updated 2024/06/07 at 9:54 AM

Gmail to be upgraded with features powered by Artificial Intelligence such as email summarisation for Android, according to a report.


The report also says that there will be a separate Gemini button for the Gmail app on Android which might offer several innovative features such as generating summaries of emails and handling “non-email queries”. These features will be part of an update that can be expanded to all users but is currently accessible by a certain number of users.

AI- powered features in Gmail on Android

According to the reports by Android Authority, the features that have been spotted in the Gmail for Android app version 2024.05.26.638440827 include innovative functionalities powered by artificial intelligence. Users will be able to experience several AI features through the Gemini button which was already available to Google Workspace users but has recently arrived on another beta version of Gmail for Android.

Three prompts have been introduced

Reportedly 3 new and quick prompts have been introduced namely Summarize this email, List the next steps, and Suggest a reply. When a user taps on any of the above prompts, a conversation gets started with the AI chatbot. The Gemini button can be used for generating replies for emails and tweaking them for different tones. Content from the previous mails can also be accessed but on a “limited” scale.

According to reports, Google introduced the Gemini button in Gmail for Android beta app version 2024.05.19.635289964. The Gemini button is to appear as a star shaped icon present on the top banner, before the archive option.


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