Google Chrome Will Soon Protect Your Network from Hackers

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid February 19, 2024
Updated 2024/02/19 at 12:36 PM

Google is working on a new feature for Google Chrome to enhance security and protect users from cyber threats. This feature aims to prevent hacking attempts by malicious websites that target devices connected to a user’s private network, such as printers and routers.

Many people assume that devices connected to their home network are safe from cyberattacks because they are not directly connected to the internet. However, hackers often exploit unsecured devices within private networks, gaining unauthorized access and control.

To address this security vulnerability, Google has listed a new functionality called “Private network access checks for navigation requests” on the Chrome Platform Status page. This feature works by first verifying whether the target device allows private network access. It then monitors website requests to access these devices and ensures they come from trusted sources.

Initially, the feature will warn users if it detects requests coming from untrusted sources to prevent things from breaking unexpectedly. However, once fully implemented, the functionality will automatically block such requests.

When Chrome encounters a request from an untrusted source, the page will display an error message: “BLOCKED_BY_PRIVATE_NETWORK_ACCESS_CHECKS”. Users can manually refresh the page to bypass the connection request.

New Google Chrome feature blocks attacks against home networks

Although the new feature currently lacks a dedicated Chrome flag, it is expected to be available on both Android and the desktop with Chrome 123. Google continues to prioritize user safety by introducing innovative security measures.

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