Google Cloud Next ’24: Google brings upgraded security for organizations with new Chrome Enterprise Premium

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar April 10, 2024
Updated 2024/04/10 at 6:32 AM

As a part of the Google Cloud Next ’24, a new Chrome Enterprise Premium has been announced by Google for companies and organizations for upgraded and enhanced security provisions. This will provide innovative solutions for the enterprise customers of Google. The Chrome Enterprise Premium has been dubbed by the tech giant to serve as the new frontline reference for organizations. This new feature aims to enhance and strengthen endpoint security while making the process simplified.

Chrome Enterprise Premium brings in advanced security for organizations

As we know, Google has always been working on enhancing user experiences and security. Recently, the company declared that using AI for preserving the privacy of users and protecting the users through real- time website checks is extremely efficient. This is how users can be protected from cyber attacks. Built on the fundamental capabilities of Chrome Enterprise , the new feature serves organizations with a protected and reliable browser which can be used by the employees. Additional benefits of this feature include security insights and reporting, enterprise controls, protection against threat and data and context-aware access controls. 

In a press statement, Nick Reva, head of the corporate security engineering, Snap Inc. said that,“With Chrome Enterprise Premium, we have confidence in Google’s security expertise, including Project Zero’s cutting-edge security research and fast security patches. We set up data loss prevention restrictions and warnings for sharing sensitive information in applications like Generative AI platforms and noticed a noteworthy 50% reduction in content transfers”.

Innovation with Google Chrome Enterprise Premium

According to Google, browsers are more than just internet portals. They are the new endpoint security where activities that are high in terms of value and interaction in the enterprise takes place. Security is an imperative factor because in the modern enterprise, activities like access, communication, collaboration, authentication, administration and coding are based on browsers. This is making endpoint security a challenging factor to achieve. “Enterprise browsers will be the core platform for delivering workforce productivity and security software on managed and unmanaged devices for a seamless hybrid work experience,” predicts a recent Garner research. Chrome being one of the most preferred browsers, Google has been building features that have established as well as disrupted industry norms. Based on the core capabilities available in Chrome Enterprise, Chrome Enterprise Premium provides  organizations with a secure and reliable browser for the employees. 

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