Google Enables Cross-Messaging Across Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid April 23, 2024
Updated 2024/04/23 at 9:09 AM

Google has partnered with Mio, a cross-platform messaging service provider, to enable smooth communication across different platforms. Users can now chat with colleagues and teammates on Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Team Chat, and other platforms without switching apps.

The collaboration between Google and Mio has made it possible for organizations using Google Chat to connect with other platform users. The cross-platform messaging feature was first introduced at the Google Cloud Next 2023 event and is currently in beta for a limited number of users. Soon, Google Workspace premium subscribers will be able to send messages to Slack and Microsoft Teams users, bridging the gap between different communication tools.

Google Chats now offers cross-messaging to Microsoft Teams, Slack and more  | Tech News - Business Standard

By using Google Chat alongside other messaging platforms within their domain, organizations can provide a more cohesive experience for their users. Users can send messages via direct messages, spaces, and group chats across platforms. However, to access this feature, users must download and install the Mio app to ensure compatibility and smooth communication.

While this feature allows messaging across platforms, it is currently limited to users within the same organization. This means that you can chat with colleagues from different teams who use different apps. Organizations interested in enabling this feature will need to acquire an additional license.

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