Google Expands Gemini Extensions to Spotify

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid June 4, 2024
Updated 2024/06/04 at 1:12 PM

Google has announced an expansion of the Gemini extensions, which will now include integration with the popular music streaming service, Spotify. Until now, Gemini extensions allowed users to control features of various Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and YouTube Music. This expansion is significant as it will allow users to control Spotify through Gemini, broadening its functionality beyond just Google apps.

The upcoming update was first noticed by Android Authority in the latest version of the Google app (v15.22.29.29.arm64). The app’s code includes clear indications that a Spotify extension for Gemini is in the works.

In the code, a specific string, “assistant_robin_action_spotify_tap_snackbar,” suggests that users will be able to play music on Spotify using Gemini. Here, “Robin” refers to Gemini, and the mention of Spotify confirms the new feature.

To understand what the Spotify extension might offer, we can look at how the YouTube Music extension currently works. With the YouTube Music extension, users can ask Gemini to find a song, search for similar songs by name or artist, find music in a specific genre, or play their favorite tracks.

The Spotify extension is expected to provide similar functionalities. Although it might not support all features since it’s a third-party app, this integration shows Google’s commitment to making Gemini more versatile and useful for its users.

The Spotify extension for Gemini is not live yet. It’s expected to be available in an upcoming beta update or build of the Google app. Until then, Google encourages users to share which other app extensions they would like to see integrated into Gemini.

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