Google Gemini to play music from third-party apps

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil May 3, 2024
Updated 2024/05/03 at 6:56 PM

Google may soon add the ability to play music with a simple voice command to its Gemini AI chatbot, which functions as an on-device voice assistant on Android smartphones. 

The Gemini app for Android’s settings panel revealed the new feature. Under the heading “Select preferred services to play music,” there was a music selection option. “Select your default music provider” is the name of another option that appears in the options. 

Earlier this year, Google updated the Android operating system with a built-in artificial intelligence chatbot. 

It’s unclear if the settings were accessible in the beta build or the most recent version of the Gemini chatbot app. The settings choices were initially disabled by a developer going by the handle AssembleDebug. 

Along with a song identification function where users can ask the AI bot to listen to music and identify it, the functionality should be able to play music from Spotify or YouTube based on voice commands. It is doubtful, nevertheless, to have any functionality for creating playlists. 

When the Gemini AI tool displayed erroneous pictures of historical luminaries earlier this year, Google was met with criticism. The business has made its AI chatbot, formerly known as Bard, available to users of older Android devices running versions 10 and 11. The Gemini AI app was only compatible with Android 12 or later smartphones at the time of release. 

It is realistic to anticipate this functionality in an upcoming update, notwithstanding the lack of formal confirmation regarding the precise deployment date. The fact that music streaming services are prominently included in the leaked screenshots is noteworthy. It’s unclear if Gemini will expand this feature to include other media types like podcasts or audiobooks.

Furthermore, the supported media service providers for the initial release have not yet been disclosed. 

The business also unveiled features last month that let customers ask the chatbot to change certain portions of its responses to their liking rather of asking it to redo the entire thing.

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