Google Has A New Way of Protecting You From Misinformation In Google Search

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas August 15, 2022
Updated 2022/08/15 at 12:43 PM

Privacy is a primary concern for most. Some are effective and authentic searches when on a hunt for information. Google now has a new way of protecting users from misinformation in Google Searches.
Google has been working on updating its search engine to cut down misleading articles and snippets, in order to improve the quality of service provided and add contextual content. All in all, Google is doing its best to minimize the circulation of misinformation across its well-reputed and formidable search engines.
Snippets essentially are the little highlighted texts seen at the end of an article (or throughout an article), which contains quick links to other topics & sites. It has been brought to attention that these links cite sources that go against scientific consensus.
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This is arguably the biggest challenge for google in this update. These featured snippets have information for users allegedly based on “numerous reliable sources” which obviously sinat the case all the time.
The new and updated snippets from Google will now have Google AI named Multitask United Model (MUM). This AI has been created to check the featured snippets and cross-reference given information for validity. If changes are necessary, so will be said. Google claims that this method has the means to improve the means of providing information and increase the reliability and credibility of the cited snippet.
MUM has multiple functions. MUM is in charge of fighting misleading information by omitting the use of display questions with no proper answer or those which have a “false pretence”.
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Misinformation snippets are rare, but it’s nevertheless present and nothing can be done if a user comes across them and takes them as an actual piece of information. So, it’s better to stop this whole mess before it can take place and ultimately lead to chaos in the world of information.
As per Google claims, with the new update in order and running, these false pretence snippets have dropped by 40% as per recent calculations.
Another change in Google Search has been brought in by ‘About This Page’ & ‘Content Adviser’. The ‘About This Page’ is the storehouse of the website which spreads websites pieces of information like the reach of the website, how credible it is, the reviews, ratings and maybe even public comments of posts. This page houses information if the site is owned by a company or not. With the latest update, the ‘About This Page’ will show one the reach, ratings and alert if there is any missing information present.
As per Google, these are important in order to provide proper context and this feature comes in 8 languages – Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, and more.
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However one cannot find the ‘About the Page’ and “content Adviser’ on websites and when asked about it, google replied by saying that the public would be informed when the feature gets updated.
The prospect of content advisers is increasing beyond being housed by developing news sites, in order to maintain good quality and valid sources. This update of Google doesn’t aim for 100% creditability of information or say that all information on the web is a lie; it merely asks users to be sceptical of what we find what kinda information find on the web and to take it with a grain of salt and some scepticism.
Google’s Public Liason for search & tech giant has recently revealed that they are making some major and important changes to Google Play Store, to get rid of impersonators and make it a safer space.

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