Google Search introduces new feature to give users a relevant results

Sharmaine Centeno
Sharmaine Centeno August 17, 2018
Updated 2022/04/14 at 10:59 AM

Yesterday, Pierce Volluci, Google’s Product Manager, announced the upcoming feature of Google Search which may help users to easily gather related information with a single search.

The new format of Google Search will give users relevant information regarding the topic they are searching. Google will show useful aspects of the topics such as the given example of Google; they searched about Quartz Vs Granite and the information such as the meaning of the given topic, their difference, cost, benefits, weight, and durability were given automatically with the images. It also gives topics that are connected to the latest searched. Users may click the links of the given related sources to discover more information. According to the Google’s understanding of the topics, the new panels are automatically produced from content to the web.

The company said that the new feature will roll out over the next few days.

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