Google to soon bring Gemini Nano to Chrome desktop

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar May 16, 2024
Updated 2024/05/16 at 6:03 PM

Google will soon be adding features powered by Gemini Nano to the desktop version of Chrome such as ‘Help Me Write’. These features will be available on most of the desktops and laptops.

Google said that it is currently working on bringing Gemini Nano to the desktop version of Chrome which is the most popular internet browser of the world at the recently concluded Google I/O 2024.

What is Gemini Nano? Get to know more about it

Gemini Nano is the smallest member of the Gemini family. It is said to enable several AI features on devices such as ‘Help Me Write’. ‘Help Me Write’ is a writing assistant which can help us to generate emails, drafts and reports. This functionality could only be accessed in Google Workspace apps such as Google Docs and Google Slides. The Gemini Nano integration will also help us to generate text for social media posts, product reviews and other things.

Last year a similar feature was added by Microsoft called Copilot but unlike Gemini Nano, Copilot needs internet connection in order to function. However Gemini Nano is an AI model which runs offline. All the prompts and information generated by you will stay on the device, thus making it more privacy friendly compared to the other chatbots.

According to Google, this was made possible because of the recent progress onWebGPU and WASM support on Chrome. Gemini Nano will run at a reasonable speed on different hardware configurations because this will be of great help.


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