Google will start auto-deleting abortion clinic visits from user location history

Sharanya Sinha
Sharanya Sinha July 1, 2022
Updated 2022/07/20 at 9:44 PM

Google will start auto-deleting abortion clinic visits from user location history. Google says it will automatically exclude visits to abortion clinics, domestic violence shelters, weight loss clinics and other places it can identify from users ’location history. In a blog post on Friday, the company said the removal will take place soon when its systems detect travel to the site. Roe v. The changes followed the Supreme Court’s decision to overthrow Wade and urge action by many states to ban abortions.

You can completely disable Google’s local tracking by following the instructions here. Google’s post, titled “Protecting People’s Privacy from Health,” also mentions that an update is coming to Fitbit that will allow you to delete multiple records at once if you’re using the health tracker. These privacy updates are used to remove selected data from Google’s servers that could be used to process search engines, but the company still keeps a lot of data about your activities. Search history and YouTube could be used as evidence in the survey, but Google’s post doesn’t mention that. We are close to Google to request any other measures that can be used to protect user data.

Although Google must legally meet the government’s specific requirements for data (if the records are forced to replace), the company repeats that “broader or more legal requirements”. Google says, when users provide their government data, it will announce it if it is not possible or if it is not secure security problems. Concerns about the privacy of abortion data go beyond Google: Official medical records are not as private as many of us think, and everything from text messages to shopping records can be used against you in court. Also, you are not necessarily the only company paying attention to the location of your smartphone.

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