Google’s Find My Device to get new features for finding lost devices quicker

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar June 10, 2024
Updated 2024/06/10 at 9:04 AM

Google’s Find My Device is reportedly getting new features such as UWB which will help users to locate their lost device with accuracy. On the other hand the camera of the device can be used to show directions using AR overlays, as per the report.

New features on Google’s Find My Device

According to a report by Android Authority in collaboration with tipster Assemble Debug, mentions of ultra wideband features have been spotted in an APK tear down of the Find My Device app version 3.1.078-1. It is reported that UWBAdapter libraries were found in the app’s code. This feature is speculated to bring precision finding to the app.

Apple being one of the biggest competitors of Google already makes use of UWB technology in its AirTag. This allows the users to find lost or stolen items with accuracy. It also keeps a bill of providing directions leading to the device, sometimes as close as a few feet helping in pointing it out. Google does not make use of this technology as of yet but this might change real soon.

Besides UWB Technology, the report also states that AR (Augmented Reality) Technology might also be integrated into the Find My Device app. According to Google, it utilizes the device’s sensors and APIs to interact with information. 


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