Handling Unfamiliar Calls Will Now Become Easier With Google

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar April 9, 2024
Updated 2024/04/09 at 5:52 AM

Google plans to add a feature that is similar to Truecaller. This feature will be available in the Google Phone app and it will efficiently tackle unknown phone numbers. As of right now, this feature is only available to the ones who are using the beta version of the Google Phone app.


Notable features

With the help of this new feature, the Google Phone app will make the process of dealing with unknown phone numbers simplified. This update will be available in the beta version of the app. From their recent call list, users can easily access information about incoming calls. This feature was discovered when PiunikaWeb was informed by a tipster AssembleDebug about the “Lookup Button”. The feature makes identifying unfamiliar callers through a Google search and is of great help to smartphone users who have been facing inconveniences caused by fake numbers and spam calls. Inclusion of additional options like “History” and “Block” aims to develop a better user experience and spam call management.

How can you access it?

You will be able to access this feature through the Google Phone app which is primarily available on Pixel phones. However, Android users can easily download the app the access the feature. However, right now the feature is only available for the beta version of the Google Phone app.

Several users who have been previously manually searching unknown numbers for years was waiting for this new feature. Beside this update, Google also plans to integrate Gemini email summaries for the Gmail app (Android version). This feature is expected to be time – efficient and help users to check multiple emails within a shorter time duration. Since it is still under process, it is not sure when users will be able to access this feature.


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