Having a standard charger could affect laptop makers

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali August 22, 2022
Updated 2022/08/22 at 5:14 PM

Indian government is also considering to have a standard charger. The government’s proposal to implement a one-charger policy is similar to that being implemented by the European Union. However, it has caused disagreement in the Indian electronics industry (EU). The laptop firms might get affected after making standard chargers for laptops.

Phone industry is already working on making a standard charger

The EU wants electronic devices to utilise standard chargers. This will let users not to buy different charges for various devices. While producers of other products, like laptops, will find it challenging to make the switch to a common charging port,. Somehow the phone industry has been working toward standard chargers for phones for a few years now.

HCL founder and EPIC Foundation chairman Ajai Chowdhry has given a statement also. He says Urban houses often contain 10–14 chargers, and “the time has come to realise that it is a complete waste of resources. “We should avoid doing things that will make it worse, as the third-largest producer of electronic waste, ” he continued.

standard charger

Electronic manufacturing companies must use Type C USB chargers

The EU proposal also emphasises e-waste as a major concern. The European authority ordered that by September 2024, all electronics manufacturers must use USB Type-C as the standard charging connector. Due to the potential effects on companies like Apple Inc., which employs exclusive charging standards for its Macs and iPhones, the deadline lies around January 2028. India, too, is not rushing to establish a policy without carefully weighing its benefits and drawbacks, to be sure.

Furthermore, according to experts, proprietary chargers are an extra source of income for many companies. Also the consumers must buy replacement chargers if their current one breaks.

“This is true for computers, but it relies on the design for wearables. The real estate of the product is too small to have a common connector, and every brand has a different design, according to Navkendar Singh, associate vice-president for devices research at IDC India, South Asia, and ANZ.

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