How Apple’s Tim Cook Responded to Questions About the $2.88 lakh price tag for its Vision Pro headphone

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas June 14, 2023
Updated 2023/06/16 at 2:21 PM

The price of Apple Vision Pro continues to be a major problem for consumers, who can simply acquire the most recent iPhone 14 (128GB), MacBook Air 13 with M2, and iPad 10th-generation for the same Rs 2.88 lakh. Tim Cook notes that Vision Pro is “great value” because of its “mind-blowing engineering and depth of engineering.” Vision Pro, according to Cook, “can do everything Mac or iPhone can do and more.” The Apple CEO points out that decisions are made by individuals based on their financial condition at the time.

Tim Cook reacted to the question of whether “average” consumers could buy Apple’s upcoming Rs 2.88 lakh Vision Pro AR/VR headset. The new headgear, which includes specialised software and CPUs, has been hailed as a standalone gadget. Vision Pro, which Apple touts as an alternative to the iPhone and MacBook Air, has cutting-edge processing skills. The cost, however, continues to be a major issue because buyers may easily pay the same Rs 2.88 lakh price for the most recent iPhone 14 (128GB), MacBook Air 13 with M2, and iPad 10th-generation.

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Tim Cook said that the Vision Pro is capable of “everything a Mac or an iPhone can do and more” in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America. The Apple CEO responds to a query on affordability by saying that “people are going to make different choices depending upon their current financial situation.” But he emphasised the technology that took years to develop and was also addressed by Apple earlier this week at the WWDC keynote in relation to the Vision Pro. The business claimed to have applied for approximately 5,000 patents while creating the device.

Cook notes that the “engineering and depth of engineering” in Vision Pro are “mind-blowing,” adding that customers enjoy “more than 4K experience in each eye,” which has its own underlying expenses. As a result, Vision Pro is “great value,” according to Cook. According to several accounts, some Apple employees were sceptical about the timing of the introduction because of the macroeconomic environment prior to the official release of Vision Pro. Apple has avoided huge layoffs, in contrast to other digital behemoths.

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To save costs, the corporation has implemented conservation measures, such as a hiring freeze for some departments. Employees were allegedly apprehensive about the AR/VR headset’s acceptance as well, given that Microsoft and Meta (previously Facebook), two other businesses, had made unsuccessful attempts to market comparable devices.

Notably, Microsoft recently let go of employees from its HoloLens VR/AR company as part of its restructuring plans. Apple did not mention any competitors during the Vision Pro presentation, but the headgear offers a few standout features. The Vision Pro, for instance, will let customers to use productivity-focused apps like Apple’s own FaceTime programme. Disney and Apple are collaborating to broadcast Star Wars and Marvel blockbusters in an immersive environment known as a “spatial reality,” according to Apple.

Instead of an internal battery inside the Vision Pro, users will get a power bank. On a single charge, the Vision Pro offers two hours of backup.


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