How to upgrade to iOS 16 beta profile?

Deveshi Gupta
Deveshi Gupta June 26, 2022
Updated 2022/06/26 at 7:31 PM

iOS 16 will be available for iPhones this fall when Apple releases the final version of its mobile software update. But if you are even remotely interested in all its features that were teased during WWDC 2022 last week, you do not have to wait. We are not even talking about the upcoming public beta in July.

If you are an Apple registered developer, you can download the iOS 16 beta right now. All of the software updates Apple demonstrated at WWDC, from macOS Ventura to watchOS 9, are now available for developers to test and ensure they have compatible apps ready for the fall.

Registering as an Apple developer entails more than just enrolling in Apple’s program. You must also pay for the privilege. Developer registration costs $100 per year, which some may regard as a small price to pay for early access to Apple software betas.
Personally, we do not believe it is worthwhile for the majority of people. Although the beta version is still in its early stages, Apple released developer beta 2 on June 22, which is expected to smooth out some of the rough edges of the first beta. Nonetheless, you should not install this version of the iOS 16 beta on a critical iPhone.

Instead, we would recommend waiting for the July public beta, which is guaranteed to be more stable than the current version developers are working with and is also free.

Still, if you insist on downloading the iOS 16 developer beta, here’s what you will need to do to get it on your iPhone.

iOS 16 developer beta: Supported devices

iOS 16-supported devices are not as numerous as iOS 15-capable phones. iOS 16 requires an iPhone 8 or later. That means the original iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are no longer supported after iOS 15. The 7th generation iPod touch will also be unable to run iOS 16.

How to download the iOS 16 developer beta

Assuming you have a supported phone and an Apple developer account, you should back up your iPhone before proceeding. You can always revert to an older version of your iPhone if you have an archived backup. Things do not always go as planned.

We have got instructions for backing up your iPhone to iCloud or to a computer. We would recommend the latter for backing up before downloading a beta.

You are ready to go once your iPhone has been backed up.

1. Open your preferred browser and navigate to in a new tab) on the iPhone you want to install iOS 16.

The process is much simpler once you install that initial beta. Subsequent updates will be available through the Software Update section of the Settings app. Just head there to download any new beta version if you’re already running a version of that iPhone software.
2. Access your developer account. It is possible that you will be asked to provide two-factor authentication.
3. Select Downloads from the menu in the upper left corner.
4. Scroll down to the iOS 16 beta and select Install Profile. Confirm that you want to install a configuration profile on your phone when prompted.
5. After downloading the iOS 16 profile, you will be prompted to go to Settings to review it. Select View Profile from the Settings menu.
6. On the next page, in the upper right corner, tap Install to begin the installation process. You will need to tap Install again after some legalese about the volatile nature of beta software.

7. You will be prompted to restart your iPhone in order for the profile to be installed. Make sure to plug your iPhone into a power source because this process can take some time.

8. After your iPhone restarts, open the Settings app and go to General, then Software Update.

9. The iOS 16 beta will be ready for you. When prompted, tap Download and Install, then enter your passcode. You will need to tap Install again to confirm.

The installation of iOS 16 will then begin. Your phone will restart with the iOS 16 developer beta installed.

iOS 16 beta: What about the public beta?

As previously stated, Apple intends to release a public beta in July that will be available to anyone for free. It is expected to be more stable than the developer beta, but you should avoid installing it on a phone you use every day because some of your apps may not be compatible right away.

To participate in the public beta, you must first sign up for Apple’s public beta program. Go to program/(opens in a new tab) on the iPhone you intend to use to beta test the software and click the sign-up button. You can repeat that process when the public beta is released.

iOS 16 beta: What to expect

During this month’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple gave a sneak peek at iOS 16. Changes to the lock screen that allow you to customize it, the ability to edit text messages in the Messages app, and new mobile payment features in Wallet are among the highlights of the new release. New features are also added to the Maps, Photos, Notes, and Safari apps.

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