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Sharanya Sinha May 16, 2022
Updated 2022/06/23 at 8:29 AM

Did you know that your favorite Alexa speaker may also serve as a tuner for local radio broadcasts in addition to its extensive music-streaming capabilities? Alexa has a complete potpourri of fantastic radio abilities for you to enjoy if you want to spice up your next listening session or are sick of Spotify and Apple Music. You’ll need to make sure your smartphone has the most recent version of the Alexa app, as well as an Amazon Echo smart speaker or display. If you have the latter, you’ll get some visual information on-screen about what you’re listening to.

The procedure is straightforward, however, depending on where you reside, you may have different Alexa Skills options for listening to radio stations.

Amazon Alexa App @

Step 1:Open the Alexa app on your phone first. In the bottom-right area of the app, tap the More menu button.

Step 2: Select Skills and Games, then go to the top of the app screen for Featured categories boxes.

Step 3: Next, search for “radio” using the search box in the upper-right corner.


On the display, you’ll see a list of accessible radio tuning applications for your location, including popular favorites like and MyTunerRadio, as well as our selection of the finest online radio stations.RadioPlayer Canada or similar services may be available in Canada. To use, choose Enable. If you’ve already activated this Skill, you’ll see Launch.
On an Amazon Echo smart speaker or a speaker with a display screen, you have a variety of listening options. You may listen to music, news, or podcasts, or go down the calming audio rabbit hole. Listen to a cat purring, a clock ticking, rainforest or natural noises, or ocean waves crashing to fall asleep. As it is easy to use people use Alexa in large numbers.

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