HP Unveils Envy Move: The Portable All-In-One PC

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 20, 2024
Updated 2024/02/20 at 3:40 PM

Attempting to rethink the traditional idea of desktop computers that are immobile, HP presents the Envy Move, an innovative all-in-one computer that blends mobility and potent performance. With its cutting-edge features and style, the Envy Move seeks to meet the changing demands of contemporary consumers who want mobility without sacrificing functionality.

Cost and Configurations:

The HP Envy Move, which retails for Rs 1,24,990, allows for customization to fit different demands and price ranges. Although the base model functions as a standard, consumers have the option to select enhancements based on their own needs.

The most notable aspect of the Envy Move is how light it is—weighing only 4.1 kg—which makes it incredibly portable when compared to conventional desktop configurations. With a rechargeable battery, customers can now travel with their PC and forget about the trouble of complicated settings. A 23.8-inch QHD touch screen improves use and adaptability, handling a range of tasks with ease.

HP Envy Move Review | PCMag

The Envy Move’s internal components, a 13th generation Intel Core i5 CPU with 16GB of RAM and a roomy 1TB SSD, provide smooth performance for daily computer duties. The Intel Integrated GPU is adequate for simple graphical operations, however it might not support intense gaming. Reminiscent of iMacs, the included wireless keyboard and mouse combination adds ease.

The Envy Move, which runs Windows 11 Home, improves user connectivity and privacy with its 5MP IR camera for video chats and security features.

HP changes the game in the all-in-one PC market with the Envy Move, giving consumers the flexibility to work and play on the move without sacrificing productivity. Its thin design, strong hardware, and user-friendly features raise the bar for portable computing. It is expected that other companies will follow HP’s lead and offer cutting-edge solutions to meet the rising need for portable but functional computing devices.

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