In Response To Criticism, Nothing CEO Carl Pei Explains Why Foldable Phones Aren’t Exciting

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas July 20, 2023
Updated 2023/07/21 at 12:06 PM

When asked why Nothing CEO Carl Pei isn’t interested in folding phones, he noted that the technology isn’t currently lucrative or widely utilised. Continue reading to learn about the most recent highlights from his interview. Nothing CEO Carl Pei discusses why he believes foldable phones aren’t currently exciting. He claims that this technology is not yet lucrative or widely used. He believes that foldable phones are still under development and that many issues must be addressed.

Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei addressed the criticism he received for having daring ideas about foldable phones in an interview with The Verge. He expressed why he does not find this technology fascinating at this time. Pei recently stated that foldable phones are forced innovation since they all look the same and have no differentiating element.

When asked why he isn’t interested in foldable phones, Pei answered that the technology isn’t currently lucrative or widely utilised. The technology is still in its early stages, and several issues must be addressed. He highlighted why, in 2023, foldable phones make no sense for his firm.

Nothing Fold in making? Here's what CEO Carl Pei has to say

Because Pei’s Nothing firm has limited resources, he believes that every product must be lucrative and successful. As a result, foldable and flip phones aren’t really intriguing right now (for them). However, he did indicate that when the market matures, creases vanish, and applications adapt to this form format, Nothing might consider releasing a foldable smartphone in the future.

He added that the notion of foldable phones is not fully ruled out, but he does not believe the technology would significantly transform the paradigm or lead to Android surpassing iOS. He also does not believe it will turn Nothing from a tiny smartphone manufacturer to the next large tech business.  

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