India’s Small Villages And Town Roads Are Now Mapped & Photographed by Google Map Street View

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas May 29, 2023
Updated 2023/05/29 at 7:26 AM

Users may virtually examine and explore locations using Google Maps’ Street Examine function. Users may use a 360-degree viewing experience to explore the regions they intend to visit. In summary, Google Maps Street View made a comeback in India in July of last year. Although the function was initially only made accessible in a few towns, it now seems to be available in the majority of Indian cities.

Most Indian cities appear to have access to Google Maps Street View, which gives users a “virtual representation” of their immediate surroundings. Street View for Maps was first made available in Bengaluru as an experimental project, but Google confirmed its availability in India last year. Users may now add a location, choose Street perspective on Maps, and get a 360-degree perspective of the streets and buildings as if they were actually there. You may use this 360-degree picture to plan your trip by knowing where to go along with what to anticipate. The Maps function was reinstated in India last year after six years of suspension due to security concerns.

Street View on Google Maps was tested and verified to work in different places in and around Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh by India Today Tech. While most locations offered a 360-degree viewing option, other locales, like Rohtak in Haryana, were only reachable through static photos. Additionally, a little text shown in the bottom right of Google Maps’ web version tells viewers when the picture of a specific location was shot.

Google Maps Street View now available across India, even small village and town  roads mapped and photographed - India Today

How Does One Use The Street View on Google Maps-

Both Android and iPhone mobile devices may access Street View on Google Maps via the app and website. According to the firm, customers “can explore world landmarks and marvels of nature, and experience places like museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses with Street View.”

Open Google Maps on your computer’s browser, ideally Chrome, and turn on Street View by clicking the “Layers” button in the bottom left corner. Then, manually choose a region or type the address into the search bar. Similarly, on an iPhone or an Android phone, turn on Street View from the “Layers” box on the right, then manually choose a region or type the address into the search field.

Google Street View in Asia - Wikipedia

The Reason For Google Street Maps Getting Banned In India-

Due to security concerns, Street View on Google Maps was prohibited in India in 2016. That’s mostly because Street View enables users to tour cities using panoramic photographs that have been stitched together. Photos might possibly expose someone’s identity, which is a privacy violation. The government turned down the company’s request to reinstate the function in 2018, despite the company’s efforts.

But once the corporation disclosed a relationship with regional players, the option on Google Maps was once again available. Google said in 2014 that Tech Mahindra and Genesys International helped make Street View possible.

Thắc mắc về hiển thị địa điểm trên google map - Cộng đồng Google Maps

In addition, Street View now obfuscates the faces of everyone seen in the panoramic image. The business claims that because it solely draws attention to public spaces, nobody’s privacy is jeopardised.

As was previously reported, Google first made Street View available just in Bengaluru. However, it appears that more cities now have access to Street View now than before the announcement. While Google claimed that the rollout was nationwide in India last year, we have noticed that several images of rural areas have the timestamp 2023, indicating that the region was added to Street View this year.

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