Intel’s Quantum Leap in Chip Manufacturing: Moonshot Precision in Ireland

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey September 29, 2023
Updated 2023/09/29 at 4:52 PM
A photo shows Intel's fully processed 30 millimeter silicon spin qubit wafer. (Credit: Intel Corporation)


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Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography tools have been unleashed at Intel’s spectacular $18.5 billion plant in Ireland in a ground-breaking step. This is a literal moonshot precision moment rather than merely a technological advance. These EUV devices are so precise that a laser pointer might be used to strike a person’s thumb from the moon. As Intel prepares to recover its throne in the semiconductor industry, let’s take a closer look at this exciting development.

1. A “Landmark” Success

The formal start of high-volume production utilizing EUV lithography equipment by Intel in Ireland is being hailed as a “landmark” occasion. This action is a part of Intel’s ambitious aim to produce five technological generations in only four years. It’s a risky approach, but the EUV tools are the magic ingredient that will enable it to succeed.

2. Competing with rivals

Once upon a time, Intel reigned supreme in the semiconductor industry. However, things have changed, and rivals have advanced. However, Intel isn’t giving up; instead, they’re getting ready to use their new manufacturing technologies to compete with companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

3. EUV Takes the Lead

This project in Ireland is Intel’s first push into high-volume production utilizing EUV technology, which is what makes the whole thing so thrilling. The Dutch magicians at ASML built these enormous EUV machines, each of which cost a staggering $150 million. They are as accurate as a laser pointer on the moon and are the size of a bus!

4. Intelligence Power 4

The high-volume inception of Intel 4’s cutting-edge manufacturing process will take place in this Irish plant. The “Meteor Lake” laptop CPU from Intel, which will pave the way for AI-powered PCs, is powered by this technology.

5. The Semiconductor Renaissance in Europe

Ireland is not where Intel will end. They have enormous aspirations, including a semiconductor manufacturing and testing plant in Poland and a chip complex in Germany. These actions support the European Union’s effort to decrease its reliance on American and Asian suppliers, creating new opportunities for innovation.


The return of Intel to the top of the chip manufacturing world has begun in Ireland. Intel is making headlines with its EUV accuracy, cutting-edge technology, and aspirations for growth throughout Europe. This accomplishment is advantageous to business and ushers in a new era for chip production in Europe. Tech fans, hold on to your hats—the chip battles just got a lot more fascinating!

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