Introducing Unity, The World’s First Headphones With Lossless Hi-Res Audio Support

There has never been headphones like these and here is why you should be hyped about it !

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas April 16, 2023
Updated 2023/04/20 at 3:59 PM

The Unity is the world’s first headphone to support lossless high-resolution audio over Wi-Fi. It also has Bluetooth capabilities and a battery life of up to eight hours.  Hed, a Swedish audio company, has introduced The Unity.  It is the first of its kind. Alongside sporting wireless listening, the Unity includes Bluetooth connectivity. Lossless audio is the next big thing in headphones It’s known as Unity, and it was created by Hed, a Swedish audio business. The firm is unknown, but they are the first to release such Wi-Fi lossless headphones. 

So, what exactly are the headphones capable of? It essentially leverages Wi-Fi networking to provide lossless audio right to one’s ears, which standard Bluetooth headphones cannot. In comparison to the songs one is currently listening to, these are condensed to save data, resulting in the loss of original data. People get the original hi-res audio quality with lossless audio which they have craved for a good while now!

The world's first lossless Wi-Fi headset HED Unity is priced at $2199 -  TechGoing

Here are a few of its major specifications – The Unity wireless headphones include 40mm drivers and offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networking. They also include a USB Type-C connection, so they may be used as wired headphones. Furthermore, because the headphones have 16GB of inbuilt storage, you may store high-resolution music. This means one is able to listen to high-resolution music even when no Wi-Fi network is available.

The Unity headphones, according to the makers, can play back lossless hi-res music up to 24-bit/96kHz through Wi-Fi. This audio technology is dubbed “Full-Fidelity Standard” by Hed and is said to produce “unprecedented, truly lossless audio.” The headphones also have noise reduction and may be used for six to eight hours of high-resolution or Bluetooth listening. 

World's First Headphones With Lossless Hi-Res Audio Support Launched:  Details Here - Cashify

These wireless headphones also have active environmental sound control and an EQ that can be customised. It works with the in-house Player app, which can connect to prominent music services like Spotify and Soundcloud. One can also sync their music library with the app for a more seamless listening experience. 

These Unity Bluetooth headphones cost $2,199, which translates to about Rs 1,80,000. It is currently available for purchase via, although shipment is restricted to a few regions. 


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