InvisaWear – Jewellery meets Women’s Safety

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas July 3, 2022
Updated 2022/07/07 at 8:03 PM

In today’s world, tracking devices and SOS callers are not something we are strangers to. Technology advancements have made it possible to make chips for our protection. InvisaWear has come up with a safety button in the shape of minimalistic & sleek jewellery.

The safety of women and children has been a growing concern. As per statistics, every one in five women are been threatened of their safety at some point in her lifetime.

Invisawear has successfully disguised its small safety button in necklaces, bracelets, fitness bands, and even scrunchies and made everyday items out of it as opposed to big ugly panic buttons.

On double-tapping, the said button at the back of the camouflage immediately alerts 5 pre-selected emergency contacts with an SOS message along with the location – showing that they need help. This double-tap can also contact the authorities is programmed so.


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The founder, Rajia Abdelaziz, brings together a juxtaposition of Jewellery & Technology.

In an interview, Abdelaziz said, “At invisawear, we aim to positively empower users in feeling safe, secure, and connected. We envision a world that’s safer for everyone and we are hoping to provide users with a hassle-free solution…. If we can even save one life, then all our hard work will have been worthwhile.”

Rajia says that she had no intention of starting anything like Invisawear… but one particular incident changed her life and her goal.

One fine evening when Rajia was out with her friends to an award ceremony, she decided it was time to go home. As her car was parked a block away she didn’t ask any of her friends to walk her to her car. She pushed away from her paranoia. Halfway to the car a group of young boys in a passing car said inappropriate stuff. Rajia rolled her eyes at them and continued walking. The minute she saw the car stop and the boys come outside, she made a dash for the car and sped away.

In such a situation, calling the authorities or someone from your contact becomes difficult, even if our phone is in our hands. This is where Invisawear comes in with its discreet jewellery and fast-acting SOS. It’s small, safe, and effective.


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After this incident, Rajia started the Invisawear project while she was still in college. She was frustrated with the way women had to worry about their safety every waking moment of the day.

When on a hunt for a sleek and discrete alert device that would make her and her friends safe when walking home from late classes, all she found were big and ugly panic buttons. Thus was born the idea of InvisaWear – a sleek and stylished SOS button, which would fit in with everyday items and act as a discrete safety measure if threatened.

Invisawear is backed by ADT, one of the best security companies known.

Here is how the safety jewelry works when the person is in distress :

– double-clicking the back of the charm to alert friends and family (5 pre-programmed emergency contacts) of the danger
– a text message with a link to the user’s location will be sent to the emergency contacts
– By enabling the free and optional 911 feature, ADT and authorities will be notified for assistance.


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The following features are available in the world’s most advanced safety device :

Live Video Call – if you’re feeling unsafe walking alone at night, the Invisawear app allows you to video call ADT authorities who would send help if requested/needed and the recorded video would be provided to authorities if requested.

Voice activation – in case one cannot reach the invisawear or their phone they can use a secret code word only known to them to voice activate alert the ADT authorities.

Reassurance Call: If you’re feeling unsafe but don’t want to bother the authorities, ADT authorities will be on the line, speaking and keeping an eye out until you reach the said destination of a safe place.


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Activity Tracking: Going for a jog or a hike on an unfamiliar trail can be nerve-racking. One can appoint emergency contact members of ADT authorities to track one’s movement and set a time. If not responded to the timer the ADT connects the authorities.

Chat: Bad dates or uncomfortable car rides can be unnerving. But invisawear has a solution to this. If one can’t talk and needs to be discreet, they can use the app to alert ADT authorities.

Self-defense classes: A tracking device and panic button discussed as jewelary can only do so much. Self-defense classes are held once in 4 months to help people fight off danger if needed.

Invisawear jewellery safety device provides a sense of safety & security in the everyday lives of us women so that we don’t have to watch our backs every second of the day. 

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