iOS 16 a new look for iPhone

Arathi Nair
Arathi Nair June 7, 2022
Updated 2022/06/23 at 3:23 PM

Apple has revealed iOS 16 software that has exciting new enhancements that revamp the iPhones look, deeper intelligence and various specification that enable ease for its users. Let’s have a look at the Top features:

  • Lock screen

In iOS 16, Apple has redesigned the lock screen. Notifications are now displayed at the bottom of the screen, away from your pretty lock screen photo. The clock widget usually hides the subject of the photo, creating a great depth effect, and you can modify its look, from typography to color, by simply pressing and holding the lock screen.

There’s now a new wallpaper gallery with a large number of options, including a live weather lock screen that replicates current weather conditions and suggestions based on photographs from your media library.

  • Messaging

After you’ve sent a message, Apple is allowing you to edit it in the Messages app. One can even “Undo Send” texts to retrieve them. Also new is the ability to flag any thread as unread, allowing you to return to messages later.

  • Keyboard

The keyboard will now remain open during dictating so you can switch between speech and touch with ease. You may select text and swap it with your voice by tapping it, and you can even send emojis without having to search for one

  • Apple Pay Later

Consumer analysts have criticized services that allow you to buy now and pay later, but Apple is pushing ahead with its version, Apple Pay Later. Soon, you’ll be able to pay for an Apple Pay transaction in 4 equal instalments over six weeks, with no interest or fees.

  • Live Text

Live Text, which allows you to capture the text in any image (before or after you take it), now works with movies. To copy the text, simply pause the video and press the text. When you choose certain types of text, you can now perform a few more quick actions, such as converting money and translating text.

  • Camera

You can use your iPhone as a webcam if you have a MacBook with an M1 or M2 processor (the rear cameras, which are way better than the webcam in the laptops). There’s no need to connect anything. Your Mac will recognize the rear camera and use it for video calls automatically.

iOS 16

One would be able to use features like Center Stage, which follows you around a room with the camera, and Portrait Mode, which blurs the background to hide the clutter behind you.

There are many more exciting features, for more information about iOS16 and everything Apple announced at WWDC 2022 check out

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