iOS 17 update brings some cool features to the AirPods Pro 2: Here’s what’s new

Apple's latest AirPods Pro 2 update brings a symphony of smart features.

Nishita Gupta
Nishita Gupta September 17, 2023
Updated 2023/09/17 at 12:08 PM

With the launch of its premium smartphones and watch series, Apple is on a roll. While Apple has introduced a slew of new features on both its phones and watch, during the event, the Cupertino-based tech giant only revealed that the AirPods Pro 2 is getting a USB-C port. However, Apple has introduced an array of smart features to its premium earbuds with its iOS 17 update to go with that.

Most of the new features introduced are exclusive to AirPods 2, while some of the enhancements are also applicable to other models. From Adaptive Audio to Lossless Audio, we dig deeper into all that’s new on the AirPods Pro2 here.

A look at the new features

Adaptive Audio: This feature helps your device adjust the audio based on the surrounding environment enhancing one’s awareness of the surroundings.

Conversational Awareness: Once enabled, this feature lowers the volume or momentarily pauses the media when a user starts speaking, and it resumes once their conversation ends.

Lossless Audio on Apple Vision Pro: This is exclusive to AirPods Pro 2. This feature supports lossless audio when you connect the AirPods with Vision Pro. However, Apple has not revealed why this feature is inactive on other devices.

Personalised Volume: This feature automatically adjusts media volume based on the surrounding environment’s noise. It works in sync with Adaptive Audio and Conversational Awareness.

Mute/Unmute call: This is one of the most handy features as it allows users to mute and unmute calls with a single press on the stem of their AirPods. It is to be noted that this is only available on the new generation of AirPods and AirPods Max.

Improved Automatic Switching: This significantly improves the automatic switching between devices making it an easy and seamless transition.

How to update?

To update AirPods, users need to connect them to an iPhone. Head to the Settings and find the latest version in the AirPods menu. The update process is automatic, which requires the AirPods to be near the iPhone and charged above 50 per cent. The public release of iOS 17 is slated for September 18, 2023.

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