iPhone 15 Battery Surpasses Expectations, Offers Double the Lifespan

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid February 21, 2024
Updated 2024/02/21 at 11:59 AM

Apple has recently announced that the iPhone 15 can now maintain 80% of its original battery capacity even after undergoing 1,000 charging cycles. This means that the battery’s performance remains strong and reliable even after being charged and discharged over a thousand times.

Initially, Apple estimated that the phone could endure about 500 charging cycles while still holding onto 80% of its battery health. However, recent tests have shown that the iPhone 15 surpasses this expectation by a long shot.

Apple confirmed that this improvement does not require any new updates, either in hardware or software. It’s simply the result of consistent enhancements in the battery components and power management system of iOS.

Apple says the iPhone 15's battery has double the promised lifespan

It’s important to note that this improved estimate only applies to iPhone 15 models released after 2023. For older iPhone models manufactured before this time, the original estimate of retaining 80% capacity after 500 charge cycles still holds. Apple is currently looking into whether they need to update estimates for these older models.

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