Is There A Reason For The Strange Battery Drain On Realme Handsets?

The rapid depletion of realmi batteries has been causing havoc amongst the masses.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas March 23, 2023
Updated 2023/03/24 at 4:22 PM

Realme users have been concerned by its depleting battery life. Users have reported battery life depleting faster than it’s intended to, while some have stopped working entirely. The problem does not pertain to a singular model or series, but is widespread among many Realme models, leaving the users confused. This depletion doesn’t make much sense as users haven’t made any changes to their handset or updated the software. 

No one likes carrying around a charger and looking for a charging port wherever one goes to continuously charge their device. The complaints about battery depletion don’t seem to stop; they ebb and flow, and some have even voiced their concerns on various social media platforms. 

Not a soul knows with full certainty whether these are just the popular cases being circulated or if changes have been implemented by Realme. It’s also unclear as to what exactly seems to be causing this issue – as it can range from software to network consumption to some unknown factor which none of us can quite note. What is more frustrating is the fact that this multi-billion dollar company hasn’t made a move to leave any sort of statement to the public about what’s going on and how it can be resolved. Clearly, people are riled up and dissatisfied. 

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The cause of this issue still remains unknown, and users are unsure what to do other than carry around their chargers and power banks 24/7. Some people suggest that this problem has arisen due to network consumption. It also remains unclear if the company is even aware of this issue, and if they are, are they working towards a solution? People are worried that if no solution to this problem can be concluded, then rapid depletion of batteries won’t be the only thing to be worried about – ie, harming the internals of the phone, or the handset switching off on the person, completely.  

As discussed earlier, Realme hasn’t made any announcements on the crisis at hand which has left the general public frustrated and genuinely lost as to what they should do next. It remains to be seen if this multi-billionaire company makes a move to address the problem and take a step to fix the issue. It’s also hazy on the fact that this Realme issue is more widespread than it seems. 


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