Is This The WhatsApp Feature Update We All Have Been Waiting For? 

You can now do a lot more than just view status from profile pictures.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas February 12, 2023
Updated 2023/02/13 at 11:57 AM

In recent times, Whatsapp have been coming out with various updates for the past few months, ranging from putting a status update sign-on profile pictures so one knows that someone has put up a new status, to adding the voting/polls feature in WhatsApp chat to formulate easier decision-making. 

In their latest update, whatsapp have brought out the feature where people can now use this social media app as a notes & reminder app. Users have this self message feature where they can text themselves and keep a track of whatever they want to. The ability of send messages to oneself is amazing which was implimented sometime around Novermber 2022 for Beta testers. This is available for both Android & iOS users. Some of us are already using this brillient feature while some of us are hearing of it right now. 

One might ask what was the purpose of this update & if it’s worth updatig whatsapp as amny belive that it might just be a waste of storage. This update was brought to the market as it keeps a track of all our important documents in one sigular place in the cloud and fetching important pdfs, screenshots, links are now easier that ever. If one is using the same whatsapp account on differnent handsets of PC’s, it acts as a perfect reminder to get things done and is documents and media have an easy asses point. 

WhatsApp finishes rolling out the feature you've been waiting for

Even if this feature seems new and innovate to some, it’s not that new of an intervention in the market. Meta has done the same with Facebook messenger and Instagram. Even rival companies have tried to copy the in popular demand feature and put it in – Signal, Microsoft teams & Slack. 

Another amazing feature update from Meta Whatsapp is the ability to share voicenotes as whatsapp status. Their twitter handle revealed – “We’ve added some exciting updates to the status feature. Now you can effortlessly record and share voice messages on your status.” This feature comes along with Meta’s reaction feature to show people excatly how they feel. 

As for Beta tester users, it’s rumored that they will be able to share upto 100 media in a single go with their coming update of whatsapp, which would be available on Play store & App Store. This ensures that users will be able to share a whole album at a time if necssary, which ensures that they mistakenly don’t send the same media twice. 

But the feature that has people at the edge of their seat is leaving a whatsapp group with a glaringly visible line. Most of us have least once in our social media lifetime got added to a whatsapp family or friend group you wanted no part in. Instead of leaving them, we had to sit and engage in conversations we wanted no part of. Departing them was much worse than joinging as it was alerted to everyone that you had left the group and no one likes that. Well, don’t worry as whatsapp has resolved this ‘issue’. 

WhatsApp will finally let you silently leave a group chat | BGR

Whatsapp no longer makes it obvious that a user has left the group and no one would if you’re there or not unless they go checking for it. CEO of Meta, Mr Zukerburg made this announcement. Well, it is to be remembered that when someone leaves said group, nobody but the admin(s) will be notified of this discrepency, saving people from the potential drama & embaressment which might follow. 

Closing with a feature update not many of us expected but surely missed is users getting to choose who will get to see their ‘online’ status from their contact list. Well, a downside of this is people who like to downplay their online status can’t hide behind the veil anymore. 

To wrap it all of, specially in the privacy sector – users won’t be able to take a screenshot of view once images. View once, a feature that rolled out last year makes photoes / videos dissapear immediately after the recipient views so. 


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