It Just Got Real With Google, Amazon, & Microsoft Following Sam Altman’s Lead On AI

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas July 24, 2023
Updated 2023/07/24 at 6:15 PM

President Joe Biden said that seven technology companies, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, OpenAI, and Meta, have committed to incorporating safety precautions in AI technologies in the United States. After ChatGPT exploded in popularity in recent months, its founder, Sam Altman, has never missed a chance to convey his strong desire for AI legislation to be developed with government support. He even toured the world, pleading with each country’s government to do the same. 

His goal has almost been granted, as a number of industry titans have lined up beside US Vice President Joe Biden and vowed to take sufficient precautions when developing AI technologies. 

This latest breakthrough in the Artificial Intelligence area occurred on Friday when seven prominent technology companies that are highly invested in AI struck an agreement to include protections in their products. Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft, and Open AI are among the seven businesses. The news came directly from the White House, as US President Joe Biden delivered a speech in which he highlighted the locations in which these companies will be constructing safety measures. This agreement is seen as the first major step towards AI regulatory compliance. 

In accordance with The New York Times, during their meeting with Biden, these seven corporations publicly committed to new standards for trust, safety, & security. The gathering took place this Friday afternoon. “Just two months ago, Kamala (Harris) and I met with all of these leaders to emphasise the responsibility and making sure that the products they are producing are safe, and make it public, what they are and what they aren’t,” the president said in a speech. I’m glad to announce today that these seven firms have committed to making voluntary commitments to responsible innovation.” 

What ChatGPT creator Sam Altman wanted on AI just came true as Google,  Microsoft, Amazon fall in line | Tech News

Highlighting Areas Where AI Safeguards Are Required

Biden said of the essential commitment the government urged these seven businesses to place a substantial emphasis on three key principles of safety, security, and trust in all AI advancements. He also increased four particular requirements that he requested from the corporations. 

First, the corporations were required to ensure that the technology is safe prior to releasing it to the public. This involves evaluating the system’s capabilities, analysing any possible dangers, and making the findings of these evaluations publicly available. 

Second, the organisations were advised to prioritise system security by safeguarding their models from cyber attacks and risk management. 

Third, the corporations were tasked with earning people’s confidence and empowering users to make educated decisions by distributing material that had been updated or created by AI. This would also include weeding out our prejudices and discriminations, strengthening privacy safeguards, and protecting children from danger. 

Finally, the companies agreed to work together to identify methods for AI to address society’s largest concerns, from cancer to environmental degradation, by investing in education and creating new employment to help students and employees thrive. 

Biden concluded his speech by saying, “These commitments are real, and they’re concrete.” 

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