It Sure Sounds Like Apple’s “Reality Pro” VR Headset Will Be A Beast

Virtual Reality takes an expensive turn with Apple's to be copywritten "Reality Pro".

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas January 26, 2023
Updated 2023/01/26 at 6:44 PM

For aeons, it was believed Apple would follow their AR/VR mixed headset with a light pair of AR Apple Glasses. As per rumours, these were believed to be launched sometime in 2024. The scenario has taken a drastic turn – as the Apple Glasses project is rumoured to be on hold, with no further details on it. Apple’s primary concentration as of now is its Reality Pro VR headset. 

In Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports, Apple is to launch their very own VR headset in the spring of 2023 all of which facilities can be used without handheld controllers. The movie is said to be set in space, where the screen mirrors that of the Mac, and the full body is rendered via a 1-1 VR Facetime session. 

The expectations for Apple’s Reality Pro have been set high. It’s said to be packed with state-of-the-art technologies which entice – advanced hand tracking, mirroring Mac’s display to the T, and going as far as a recreation of digital versions of users via one on one facetime. 

Apple's AR/VR headset will reportedly feature unique eye, hand tracking | ZDNET


A large chunk of said advanced technologies will be tied by numerous external cameras which are posed with the task of tracking one’s hand’s movements, along with ensuring the gadget’s housing. A lot of its features seem like inspiration from MCU’s Stark Technology. One such advanced technology entails – one can apparently look at an object to select it. Pinching their fingers together is the activation call, which further explains why Apple headsets won’t require handsets. 

Not needing external controllers means the high-end Meta Quest Pro & Sony PlayStation VR2 have no job here. Gurman states, “The headset will let users switch between VR & AR with the help of twisting a digital crown.”

In likeness to the Quest Pro, Apple’s headset is said to have a major focus on the collab between other headset users. They strive towards being able to realistically render a user’s face and full body in virtual reality. This would be a wonderful feature if it actually gets included. As of yet, Apple is focused on cartoon avatars for virtual meetings. Reality Pro is set on developing immersive ways to watch videos on a big screen while wearing the headset. 

Apple's mixed reality headset could feature full-body FaceTime avatars

Gurman has revealed, “Though you’ll need AirPods to hear spatial audio. You’ll also be able to use your headset to directly see one’s Mac’s display in VR but still have control over it with a mouse & keyboard.” His reports state that the battery of the headset will be offloaded to an external pack which intends to sit in one’s pocket. It uses a cable to connect with the device which can be compared with Magic Leap. The pack is said to be roughly the size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with enough power to sustain 2 hours. It’s also led to believe that Apple has been working on the prototype for internal build-in batteries. 

As per all of Gurman’s notes – the likely name for the Apple VR headset is “Reality Pro”. Apple has filed a trademark which will approximately amount to $3,000. This will probably double the price of Quest pro. Despite the ridiculously high price, Apple’s sales expectation is 1 million in the first year. 

This device is not within everyone’s reach hence Apple has been looking into the creation of a cheaper version assignable to all which would amount to an approx of $1,500. 


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