Mahou App Brings Immersive Experiences to Vision Pro

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid April 7, 2024
Updated 2024/04/07 at 4:41 PM

When Aditya Ganguly stepped into teamLab Planets in Toyosu last July, a place that merges museum, art, and fun on Tokyo Bay, he felt an electric vibe that sparked an idea. Ganguly wanted to share that feeling with more people, and thus began his journey to create something similar, but accessible through headphones.

Inspired by the immersive experience at teamLab Planets, Ganguly pitched his idea to Apple executives in Singapore a few months later. Thus, Mahou, meaning “magic” in Japanese, was born. It’s an app designed to bring art exhibitions to life in a new way, and it’s one of the few apps in India tailored for Apple’s mixed reality headset, Vision Pro.

Raised in Delhi, Ganguly’s passion for technology and psychology led him to blend the two in creating engaging user experiences. His background, including work with the United Nations and founding his startup Brevity, equipped him with the skills needed for such a venture.

Mahou takes users on a journey through immersive art experiences, leveraging Vision Pro’s powerful rendering capabilities and stunning displays. Ganguly compares it to stepping into a virtual wonderland, akin to visiting an immersive art exhibition like Van Gogh’s.

How a 28-year-old Indian created a global immersive art exhibition app for  Apple's Vision Pro headset | Technology News - The Indian Express

The app development journey started in November, aiming for a launch alongside Vision Pro’s release in the United States. Ganguly credits the Singapore Apple team for their support throughout the process, ensuring Mahou was ready for users on launch day.

Using native technologies within the Apple ecosystem, Ganguly crafted Mahou with attention to detail. Exhibits were designed using Reality Composer Pro, while the app itself was built with Swift-SwiftUI, ensuring a seamless user experience.

With Mahou, users can expect to be transported into captivating art worlds, experiencing creativity and storytelling in a whole new dimension. It’s a testament to how technology can merge with art to create magical experiences for everyone to enjoy.

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