Mark Zuckerberg’s Review of the Apple Vision Pro: Declares Meta Quest 3 as Superior

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid February 14, 2024
Updated 2024/02/14 at 12:26 PM

The Apple Vision Pro has hit the shelves in the US, sparking a flurry of opinions from users who’ve had their hands on the tech giant’s debut mixed-reality headset. In a surprising move, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a key player in the virtual reality space with Meta Quest 3, shared his thoughts on Apple’s offering, asserting, “Quest is the better product, period.”

Zuckerberg’s review, posted on his Instagram, sheds light on the features he found impressive in the Apple Vision Pro while also pointing out where the Meta Quest 3 takes the lead. He kicked off his review by highlighting the cost difference, emphasizing that the Quest 3 offers comparable quality at a significantly lower price point.

While acknowledging the high-resolution display and commendable eye tracking of the Vision Pro, Zuckerberg didn’t shy away from critiquing Apple’s trade-offs in comfort and ergonomics. He praised Meta’s efforts to enhance comfort with a lighter build and highlighted the hassle-free experience without wires that plague the Vision Pro.

In his comparison, Zuckerberg noted Meta’s superiority in field of vision and screen brightness, aspects crucial for an immersive experience. Despite the hefty price tag of the Vision Pro, Zuckerberg expressed surprise at the Quest’s overall performance in everyday usage scenarios.

Looking beyond hardware, Zuckerberg delved into content libraries, where Meta boasts a more extensive selection of immersive experiences. While Apple collaborates with industry giants like Disney, Meta’s established library gives it an edge in offering a diverse range of content.

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