Material You Design Could Bring A Fresh Look To Google Weather on Android

This Streamlined Look Conveys More Information At A Glance.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas May 9, 2023
Updated 2023/05/09 at 4:23 AM

Things might be looking up for Androids with Google’s weather experience getting a makeover by Material You. Their new redesign feature provides a cleaner look, giving users more information at a glance. Even though it’s not an app of its own, the Google app will be responsible for the weather experience. They can also be accessed by searching for it or enabling them from the widgets on the home screen. 

This facilitation comes from the Google employee who tweeted about recent leaks and manoeuvres by this tech giant. As far as changes go, it’s a fact that the redesign looks much cleaner as it incorporates the current three-tab layout – with today, tomorrow, and 10 days forecast from then – streamlining it into a single section. This new section is aimed at displaying the current weather, hourly forecast, and forecast for the next 10 days in a singular but aerated and compact way. 

Google Weather app for Android is getting a Material You redesign - PhoneArena

Images above potrays just how much of a difference it makes at the resolution and viewing of weather, encasing more information in a touch. In this fast-paced life, this ‘quick-at-a-glance’ approach can be a lifesaver to many, especially for those who are on their bikes checking for a quick weather update in traffic or people on foot contemplating bringing an umbrella to work. However, there has been an interesting concern about the beloved Froggy, the Google Weather mascot. Fear not, as our favourite Frog will be with us in the new design, guiding us through the day and night. However, he will no longer be the focal point. In the redesign, Mr Froggy will be constrained to a small area at the very top of the screen – as the new focal point is weather information at a go. 

Such changes were necessary, as Google Weather is still a lot behind other weather apps, but small steps are better than no steps. It would be better to wait for a while before one updates their app, as it will take a while to get to older handsets, as rumour says, these features are still in development.


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