Meta and LG Join Forces to Challenge Apple’s Vision Pro Headset: What We Know

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 29, 2024
Updated 2024/02/29 at 4:27 PM

The worldwide headset industry is becoming more and more competitive, thus Meta and LG have formed a strategic partnership to support each other’s efforts in XR projects. Both businesses want to create a strong presence in the XR space by utilizing their respective areas of expertise and resources, with an emphasis on creating cutting-edge headset technology.

Context of Meta’s XR Ventures:

Formerly Facebook, Meta has a history of innovation in mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions, as demonstrated by its Meta Quest product line. One of the most notable achievements is the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, which have gained popularity due to their attractive appearance and usefulness. Meta hopes to further establish itself as a frontrunner in XR technology with this collaboration.

Cooperative Efforts:

The cooperation between LG and Meta is the result of a recent meeting in Seoul, Korea, involving LG President Park Hyoing-sei, CEO William Cho, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Meta. During this meeting, the focus was on Meta’s state-of-the-art products, such as its Large Language Models (LLMs), the Meta Quest 3 headset, and the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. The two businesses want to use their combined expertise to create cutting-edge XR platforms, services, and solutions. From LG’s point of view, the collaboration offers a chance to combine Meta’s platform with its own content and service offerings, especially those that come from its television division. The objective of this partnership is to establish a unique ecosystem in the XR space, which is consistent with LG’s strategic goal of investigating uncharted territory. The collaboration has the potential to provide major synergies in the creation of next-generation XR devices by fusing LG’s product knowledge with Meta’s technology aspects.

Meta necesita la ayuda a LG para competir con las Apple Vision Pro

Development of Next-Generation Headsets:

Sources indicate that Meta and LG are collaborating on the creation of the Meta Quest Pro headset, which is intended to challenge Apple’s Vision Pro headset. Rumors suggest that the gadget is made by LG and uses LG Innotek batteries, screens, and other parts. With a projected price tag of more than $2,000, the Meta Quest Pro is anticipated to target the upper end of the market when it launches in 2025.

The partnership between LG and Meta denotes a strategic agreement with the goal of pushing XR technology forward and taking on market leaders. The collaboration, which includes ambitions to create a next-generation headset, has the potential to provide customers with cutting-edge XR experiences globally, establishing Meta and LG as significant participants in the rapidly changing field of expanded reality.

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