Meta Races to Develop Powerful AI System as Competition Heats Up

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 10, 2024
Updated 2024/02/10 at 7:14 AM

Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta Platforms, is upping its artificial intelligence game. With the goal of matching the capabilities of OpenAI’s most advanced model, Meta is aggressively developing a new AI system in response to the rising technological competition. This advancement denotes a major shift in the field of artificial intelligence and may have broad ramifications.

Ambitious Goals: Matching OpenAI’s Advanced Model

To compete with the finest in the industry, Meta Platforms is working to develop an AI system. This new AI model is anticipated to match OpenAI’s state-of-the-art product in strength, according to reports. The ambitious plan of Meta is to have this cutting-edge AI prepared for deployment by the following year, albeit the specifics are still susceptible to change.


Introducing Meta’s Next-Gen AI System: A Game-Changer


Llama 2, Meta’s most recent open-source AI language model, was released in July. While Llama 2 is certainly not a slouch, the new system seeks to outperform it in terms of capability. With this move, Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, who are vying for supremacy in the AI industry, will now go off against Meta.

Meta Is Developing a New, More Powerful AI System as Technology Race  Escalates - WSJ

Industry Rivalry: Meta vs. Google and OpenAI

This project has a lot of ramifications. If successful, Meta’s cutting-edge AI system may enable other businesses to develop services that produce complex text, carry out in-depth analysis, and provide other cutting-edge outputs. This action fits with the rising trend of companies and corporations embracing generative AI to improve their operations and streamline different elements of their processes.

Meta’s Timeline: Training the Next Big Language Model

Early 2024 will mark the beginning of Meta’s training of this new AI system, also known as a big language model. In an effort to significantly influence the AI business, the corporation is extending the limits of AI’s capabilities.

The IT industry is paying close attention as Meta Platforms steps up its quest to create a potent AI system. This action denotes heightened competition between tech behemoths, with Meta seeking to match OpenAI’s expertise. If successful, this project may trigger a new generation of cutting-edge AI applications that transform how companies run and offer services. An exciting new stage in the development of artificial intelligence has been set.

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