Microsoft adds CoPilot in Telegram

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil June 9, 2024
Updated 2024/06/09 at 3:49 PM

Microsoft has added an official, free version of its Copilot bot to the Telegram app for desktop and mobile users. The AI chatbot will be available for users to search, ask questions of, and interact with within the messaging app. 

The Verge claims that the Copilot chatbot for Telegram, which is presently undergoing testing, operates on the messaging platform in a manner akin to a conventional conversation bot. 

Microsoft’s move comes at the same time as other AI businesses are enabling users to access their LLMs through messaging apps. 

Furthermore, Meta has included Meta AI inside its messaging apps for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Furthermore, Google has included its chatbot Gemini inside Android Messages. 

By looking for the Copilot Bot within the app, users can find Copilot on Telegram. Verify the one bearing the @CopilotOfficialBot username and a checkmark. There is now a 30-turn limit on the based, which means users are limited to 30 back-and-forth communications. 

Microsoft has been making its Copilot assistant—which is integrated into PCs and available as an application for businesses—more widely available. Copilot is included with Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Telegram users can now use the Copilot AI assistant: How to Apply It?

If you’re wondering how to use the Copilot Telegram bot, just take the actions listed below:

  • First, launch the Telegram app and look for Microsoft Copilot. Alternatively, use this link to install the bot on the app.
  • Press Start to accept all terms and conditions after that.
  • Right now, you need to rapidly verify your mobile number once.
  • After you enter your mobile number on the Telegram app, the AI chatbot for Telegram will become active on your phone.
  • Ask the AI chatbot to start a conversation or type your question. However, you are currently limited to 30 conversations per day.

Microsoft is not the first to introduce an AI chatbot into a messaging service. Earlier this year, Meta launched its chatbot for users of WhatsApp and Instagram. In a similar spirit, Google introduced the Gemini AI chatbot in Google Messages on many smartphone models a few months ago.

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