Microsoft Announces Windows 12 Release Date

An era where Windows 11 still has everyone in mayhem, Windows 12 seems to be peeping out from behind the curtains!

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas July 7, 2023
Updated 2023/07/07 at 4:23 PM

If one is seeking a Windows 12 Release Date, Microsoft has provided a piece of interesting news for consumers who are anticipating the next version of Windows. Window 12 will be released with certain potential features as well as some future improvements to Windows.

So, one must now wait for the updated version and visit Microsoft’s official website to learn more about the release date. Windows 11 is now functioning extremely well and has many wonderful features, but when Windows 12 is released, users will have some additional future to utilise. Microsoft has not yet announced a date for the release of Windows 12, but it will be accessible by March 2023. More information may be found in the section below. 

According to rumours, Microsoft plans to introduce Windows 12 in the third quarter of 2024, followed by a wider deployment in 2025, just as they did with Windows 11 in 2021. It was claimed in March that Intel, and most likely AMD, are working with Microsoft to offer powerful artificial intelligence abilities to Windows. This is hardly surprising given the industry’s current trajectory.

Breaking News: Microsoft Announces Windows 12 Release Date! - Softonic

Microsoft is now working to release Microsoft Windows 12, which will be packed with enhancements and will be available for download after the release date. Most PCs are now running Windows 11, but when Windows 12 is launched, everyone will be able to download it from Microsoft’s official website. Some PCs are currently running Windows 12 Pre-Installation. However, the current Windows 12 update will be available online after the release date, and the Windows 12 beta version might be available in March 2023. Then you have to wait till next year. All of Windows 12’s requirements are listed here. If your PC meets all of the criteria, you can simply run Windows 12.

Ironically, we’re talking about Windows 12 at a time when Windows 11 is gaining acceptance among PC users. Its worldwide market share nearly doubled to nearly 24% last month, while Windows 10 still leads with 71%.

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