Microsoft has bought AI start-up Semantic Machines

Christine Joy Sedenio
Christine Joy Sedenio May 22, 2018
Updated 2022/04/14 at 10:59 AM

Microsoft has bought Semantic Machines to improve the effort of developing conversational AI and will establish a ‘start-up team’ in California.

The Berkley, California-based company plans to use Semantic Machines to add context with chatbots. The AI is using Learning machines in taking information to use for future dialogues.

According to Microsoft AI and Research Chief Technology Officer David Ku, Microsoft uses Semantic Machines to allow the users to develop and improve their interaction and especially access information with less effort and a normal way.

The start-up team was composed of the people with experience in AI development including former Apple Chief Speech Scientist Larry Gillick, along with those who helped build core Al technology for Siri and Google Now.

However Microsoft, on its announcement yesterday did not disclose any financial details of the acquisition.

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