Microsoft Faces A Potential Lawsuit From Elon Musk Over Twitter Data

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas April 20, 2023
Updated 2023/04/21 at 12:21 PM

As per reports, Microsoft has removed Twitter from an advertising tool it offers to assist purchasers manage their social network profiles in one place. It comes just after Twitter began charging firms for access to user data, which is critical for targeted advertising.  Elon Musk is threatening to sue Microsoft for allegedly misusing Twitter data. 

The billionaire’s comment came after the tech titan announced it would remove his social media site from its corporate advertising platform. Microsoft’s tool makes use of artificial intelligence to assist ad buyers handle their social media profiles in one location. Musk stated that the company had trained it “illegally using Twitter data,” and added, “Lawsuit time.”

Microsoft has stated that its service will continue to support Meta’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Twitter no longer has a pr office and instead responds to journalists’ questions with a faeces emoji. Microsoft’s action follows Twitter’s decision to charge corporations for the data it obtains from its users, which is required for targeted advertising.

Microsoft Advertising ditches Twitter, and then Elon Musk threatens a  lawsuit - Neowin

Musk’s platform claims to assist firms in “understanding, tracking, and benchmarking the conversations and perceptions around your brand” for a monthly fee of at least $100. Twitter historically gave free access to the service, which is referred to as an API (or application programming interface). 

But, much as Musk has pushed to bolster Twitter’s profitability by charging users a monthly subscription fee in exchange for a blue verified checkmark, he has also sought to raise funds from corporations.

“Twitter has a vast amount of data, and it seems Musk is attempting to leverage this, at least in part, to improve his advertising offerings,” said Mike Rhodes, CEO and founder of marketing business ConsultMyApp.Since he took over, the social platform’s revenue from advertising has plummeted.” Musk made repeated grave predictions about Twitter’s finances shortly before his $44 billion (£38 billion) takeover in October, claiming the firm would go bankrupt. Later, he stated that the company’s finances had stabilised, thanks to thousands of layoffs.

Microsoft Ditches Twitter From Its Ads Platform… So Elon Announces Plans To Sue  Microsoft | Techdirt

Musk’s threat comes after he unveiled plans for his own chatbot to compete with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, which he claims has been “politically correctly trained.” 

The SpaceX and Tesla founder was a co-founder of ChatGPT originator OpenAI but left in 2019, and Microsoft is now its largest financial supporter. The manufacturer of Windows and Xbox has spent billions in the firm and has integrated its GPT model into products such as its Bing internet search engine and Office programmes. 


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