Microsoft releases the new Azure IoT

Sharmaine Centeno
Sharmaine Centeno June 7, 2018
Updated 2022/04/14 at 10:59 AM

At the IBcon or Realcomm conference with Microsoft in Las Vegas last June 5, the company released Windows Partnership display platform for workplace.

Microsoft added new Azure Internet of Thing (IoT) capabilities for the advantages of spatial intelligence. This is supported by the IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to have great responsibilities in building owners, operators, and occupants to manage and dwell in buildings that can save money and energy, and a workplace that fits the company’s culture and objectives.

The New spatial intelligence capabilities can connect devices in order to have a better environment when it comes in workplaces such as better organization of heating, cooling, and room-booking systems based on its used space. For the company’s partners, they gave some examples of new Azure IoT platform abilities such as Willow, L&T Technologies Services (LTTS), and Winvision.

Bert Van Hoof, Partner Group Program Manager, posted this announcement on the Microsoft’s official website including Workplace Design, Tenant Experience, Facilities Management, Construction, Building Controls, and IoT Solutions Providers and Hardware Manufacturers.

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