Most Popular Gaming Consoles of 2022

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas June 26, 2022
Updated 2022/06/26 at 3:26 AM

With numerous games getting released every month, this is a fantastic time to be a gamer or upgrade one’s old console. But there is this debate about which console would be perfect for you as the best consoles don’t come cheap. Is it the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X, or the Nintendo Switch? Well, he is some of the most popular gaming consoles for multi-players and single players in 2022 with high ratings.

A word of advice for all gaming geeks – top consoles are getting harder to lay hands on due to stock issues, so it’s best to contemplate and buy them as soon as possible.


PlayStation 5 : { 4.5/5 stars }

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This is the latest iteration of one of the best consoles from times in Memorium. It has light-speed controllers and a beautiful lineup of fan-favorite launch titles. It’s considered to be the best plug-in plug gaming console out there. It probably has the best library the gaming world has as of now.

Play station 5 consoles give access to a few of the best games out there like – Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Demon Souls, and more. PS 5 also has the luxury to play most of the PS4 games, so missing out on older favorites like The Last of Us – Part II is not an option.


1. Speedy hardware

2. Excellent game load time

3. Attractive design

4. Several captivating next-generation titles

5. New controller with enhanced haptics


1. Limited storage space on all models 

2. Huge Console


Xbox Series X : { 3.5/5 stars }

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This is the most powerful Xbox console available on market. This provides loads of new games and the best visual fidelity. The Xbox series X is a tech powerhouse with a console feature of 12 TFLOPS and twice the storage space as the Xbox One. Series X comes with 18GB of GDDR6 RAM.

Despite Xbox series X being a powerful machine, it’s surprisingly quiet. The cooling mechanism is surprisingly effective. The new Series is incredibly quiet beside the painfully loud Xbox one.


1. Loads of potential

2. Lot more storage than PS5

3. Accessible library though game pass


1. Doesn’t have a standout launch game

2. Doesn’t fit in most A/V cabinets

3. The next generational potential is non-taped.


Nintendo Switch: { 4.5/5 stars }

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This gives an unmatched on-the-go console game experience with first-party support. Nintendo cleverly sidestepped the arms race and changed its W’s from how to when. This hybrid mode console plugs into the TV like any other console but it can also be handheld. It doesn’t quite have what it takes to play the latest remasters but fantastic games like – the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing, and new Horizon works like a breeze.

The Nintendo Switch is a great option for gamers who already own Play Station or Xbox consoles. They offer great tiles which are not available on either Sony or Microsoft. For some gamers, the old-school Nintendo nostalgia is enough.


1. Switch between gaming at home & on the go

2. Sharp Display Unique multi mode controller

3. Extraordinary game library

4. Great battery life


1. Has limited Internal Storage

2. Some controller options are hard to access and uncomfortable

Nintendo Switch OLED{ 4/5 stars }

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This console is a mid-generation upgrade that wholeheartedly believes in its bigger and better screen with an entry fee of $350. This console is perfect for gamers who are new to the switch family and have never owned a switch before. Especially if they prefer handheld mode.

The advantage of this console is its bigger and better screen which is much more vibrant. The new OLED screen is much better than the older LCD display. Improvements have been made to the 7.0-inch screen, giving more run time without increasing the size of the overall machine.
Older users of the Nintendo Switch LCD can use their old accessories (micro SD memory card, joy-con controller, etc) on the new model.


1. Improved Screen

2. Improved onboard audio

3. Better kickstand

4. Elegant dock design


1. No upgrades for TV

2. Tiny storage

Play Station 4 Pro { 4/5 Stars }

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This is the largest gen console which has a good and balanced category of top-notch games and the price has been dropping considerably since the release of PS5. Even though a lot of people are shifting to the new Play station, a lot is still left on the older one. It has a vast library of games and it’s easier to find even though most consoles are suffering from low stock.

Even though PS4 pro in no shape or form matches the PS5 but is still a worthwhile and good gaming experience. There is access to major titles and the more popular ones are free to play.


1. 4K gaming at a price of $500

2. Better visuals on select play station VR titles

3. All standard games run slightly better Looks good on 1080p TVs

4. Supports all PS4 games


1. HDR is difficult to set up

2. Very few titles come with 4K support at launch

3. There is no 4K blue ray player

Nintendo Switch Lite { 4.5/5 stars }

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This is considered the most popular handheld console in the market. They have access to the latest and greatest Nintendo titles without the pricey investments and the hybrid counterpart. If gamers out there are planning to only play in the handheld mode, Lite is a great option for a slightly lower price point. The feature is on the smaller side but the long battery life makes up for it. It’s compatible with almost all of the Nintendo Switch games. It’s also perfect for games like Sheild and Pokemon Sword.

The display is an inch shorter in width, making it more compact. The console is on the litter side, so much that it almost feels flimsy, but it is really easy to navigate and it is comfortable to use. It promises the same amount of smoothness with players in Fortnite and Rocket League matches.


1. Comfortable design Sharp and vibrant display

2. Superb battery life

3. Affordable


1. Library on the smaller side

2. No TV mode support

3. No motion controls


These were some of the top-notch popular gaming consoles of 2022 with their reviews and flip sides. 


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