New Google Maps ‘Beyond the expectation’

Christine Joy Sedenio
Christine Joy Sedenio May 9, 2018
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:00 AM

Google today announced the new version of Google Maps that will introduce features that will be more focused on exploration.

The new version of Google Maps will be more realistic in terms of the street view that will help people to easily follow the directions and  for all to explored more the community.  Based on the presentation Google released today, the new AR Features will use the phone’s camera  to inlay  the walking direction to be more realistic and will help the users which way they need to go. The new AR feature will be also giving information about the nearby places.

Google Map also have additional features that will help the people to explore beyond on what is in the map. The new Google map has a tab called “For You”. It’s similar to social network sites because you will be able to follow your favorite places like restaurant, mall, salon, coffee shop, etc.  Google will also update users to new open places nearby their area. Google wants to inform the people about the trends and what places mostly people are going. There is also a “Trending list this week” which lets the people know what is trending based on the population that people come and go in that particular place ,and what places is trend in this season. Another new feature is “Your Match” wherein if you regularly rate this certain restaurant , those ratings will define your own prefences which can help you to know more restaurant that will based on your own preference.

The last new feature is about group planning. In this feature you will suggest different places from the Google Map to your friends and they will choose where they want to go an vote for it.

Google will launch this new feature this summer, but for now this new feature is only available in the app exclusively.

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