Noise Launches ‘i1’: Its First Smart Eyewear 

Ditipriya Ganguly
Ditipriya Ganguly June 22, 2022
Updated 2022/06/22 at 7:56 AM

Noise has launched its first smart glasses in India and it has been named “i1”. Previously, it was only Bose who had launched smart glasses in India. But Bose being Bose, it was a premium product and was mainly aimed for a specific target group. After making a name for themselves in the Indian market for Truly Wireless Stereo headsets and smart watches, Noise expanded its horizon with the launch of its smart eyewear..

Noise i1 is integrated with motion estimation, motion compensation (MEMS) mic for calling, magnetic charging, hands-free voice control that allows users to seamlessly accept or reject calls, wake up the voice assistant and manage your music more efficiently. They are designed in such a way to ensure the music and audio flow directly into your ears through a guided audio design. It also provides excellent sound quality for upto a distance of 10m.

 It is backed by a 9 hours of battery life on a single charge, that is, a total of 120 minutes of playtime on a single charge. Along with that it ensures quick and auto connection of the smart eyewear to your smartphone with built-in Bluetooth 5.1. This rules out the need for you to open your phone and connect it. 

The smart eyewear lenses have UVA/B which provide 99% protection against harmful sun rays. It also comes with blue light filtering transparent lenses which protect your eyes from the harmful radiation while working on a laptop and reduce strain on eyes.

In India, Noise smart eyewear i1 is priced at Rs.5,999. Buyers can purchase it from the official website of Noise. Currently, the eyewear is only available in the black color. 

“We are proud to introduce Noise i1, the first pair of stylish, smart eyewear, developed in Noise Labs. Keeping an eye on the future, we have designed our smart eyewear to give the purest tech experience to anyone looking for the best- in -class audio experience. We’ve packed it with all the essential features, and this is the next step in giving our users a completely seamless connected experience.” as stated by the Noise co-founder Amit Khatri.

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