Nothing’s Transparent Cable: Is It Innovative?  

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas July 12, 2023
Updated 2023/07/18 at 10:16 AM

When it comes to tech design, the majority of businesses used to concentrate solely on the devices themselves, neglecting peripherals such as charging cords. However, other companies, like as OnePlus broke the mould with their bright red charging cords. Nothing is seeking to develop accessory design by drawing influence from Carl Pei’s previous firm. It just unveiled a translucent USB Type-C cable for the next Nothing Phone (2).

How does Nothing’s Transparent Cable appear?

Consider carrying a cable featuring transparent shells that houses Type-C connections on both ends. Yes, you read it correctly: this cable offers a fascinating view of the inner workings of a connection. The transparent cable from Nothing has a clean and stylish style. While the specifics have yet to be confirmed, it seems as though just the cable’s outer shell, which houses the Type-C connections, is transparent. The translucent shell, composed of toughened transparent polycarbonate or clear rubber, has a pleasing appearance. The connection bears the Nothing branding. The remainder of the cable is opaque white, which contrasts with the transparent section.

Nothing Phone (2) to Feature Transparent Charging Cable - Gadgets Study

Nothing indicates this design took two years to complete. In line with reports, the translucent shell underwent a one-of-a-kind moulding procedure, resulting in a seamless iron shell free of lines and surface imperfections. This shell was subsequently sandblasted, pre-plated, and then electroless-plated to make it scratch resistant. Nothing indicates that this cable has been tested to ensure its durability. It has passed over 25 rigorous testing, including harsh plugging and unplugging, salt spray, and current resistance test. The cable’s endurance is outstanding, having withstood bending and passing over 16,000 times, which is 60% more than industry requirements.

The cable’s journey from concept to existence took two years, according to the company, with over 20 design options initially in play. Many were eliminated because they were judged too difficult to construct. According to the image published on social media, the cable appears to strike a fair compromise between avant-garde design and practical manufacturing capacity.

Nothing Phone (1) review - tests

Are Transparent Cables truly one-of-a-kind?

Transparent cables aren’t exactly new; in fact, a fast Google search yields a plethora of samples from various manufacturers that are accessible via Amazon. However, it is not only about being open. It is about when this transparency is used and implemented.

Many existing transparent cables on the market might appear a little over the top in terms of appearance, frequently including brilliant lights and bold colours. While these designs may capture your eye at first, they can quickly become gimmicky, especially if the novelty wears off. The look may not always combine well with the quality and minimalist design language which numerous modern electronic items use. 

Nothing’s clear wire really jumps out in this situation. The cable lacks flashing lighting and ostentatious design components. Instead, it emphasises simplicity, cleanliness, and a premium appearance. Nothing appears to have chosen a decent design decision, as seen by its basic, clean style.

Nothing Phone (2) charging cable has semi-transparent design, company  reveals - India Today

Will the novelty dissipate over time?

Transparent accessories make relatively infrequent appearances in the tech sector, typically as limited-edition novelty items, whereas mass-market versions typically contain solid or gradient colours. This holds true for both devices and accessories. So Nothing’s transparent cable may appear amazing at first glance, but will the novelty wear off? 

Well, that’s difficult to say right now. Nothing appears to be invested in the transparent design idea, and many consumers appear to agree, as indicated by the relative success of their first-generation phones & earphones. Even though this transparent cable does not appeal to the general public, it appears that there is a segment of the population which values the possibility to utilise something unique.

I'm all for transparent tech, but Nothing Phone (2)'s…

The Verdict: Cool or Not?

The design of the Nothing Transparent cable is undeniably elegant. The cable has appeal in my opinion, and I am drawn to its originality. It would surely make for a fascinating topic of conversation. Is it, however, a game-changing invention? I’m not convinced. Its distinguishing characteristic – translucent ends – may not be enough to set it apart from the throng. The majority of the wire is still opaque and a pretty simple white, which lessens the impact of the transparency.

Subsequently, design selection is a question of personal preference. The cable’s allure is determined by whether you find the novelty of partial transparency appealing. There will undoubtedly be individuals who prefer the predictability of regular, solid-coloured wires.

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