OnePlus’ Slip-Up with the OnePlus 12R: What You Should Know

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 13, 2024
Updated 2024/02/13 at 2:13 PM

The much awaited 12 series from OnePlus, which includes the internationally released OnePlus 12R, was just introduced. The OnePlus 12R’s attractive pricing tag added to the enthusiasm around the company’s detailed information about these phones. But OnePlus’s most recent disclosure has sparked debate and might influence what buyers decide to buy with relation to the upcoming smartphone.

The error:

OnePlus has acknowledged that, contrary to what was first reported, the OnePlus 12R model does not support the UFS 4.0 standard. Rather, it makes use of UFS 3.1 storage. Kinder Liu, the COO and president of OnePlus, recognized this disparity in a forum post. Notably, the mistake remained on the corporate website even after it was corrected during the product introduction.

Recognizing the Error

The OnePlus notion that the smartphone included UFS 4.0 storage caused the mistake. The Trinity Engine software feature, which was introduced with the intention of improving memory and storage speed, contributed to the spread of this fallacy. Many conjectured that the use of the most recent storage standard was the reason for this improvement.

Consequences for Customers:

Due to this update, anyone who are considering purchasing the OnePlus 12R will receive a smartphone that has UFS 3.1 storage rather than the expected UFS 4.0. Even though UFS 3.1 is still a reliable storage option, some people might want to rethink their choice of device. Kinder Liu claims that using UFS 3.1 would not shorten the device’s lifespan and that it will remain durable for at least 48 months.

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Resolving Customer Concerns:


OnePlus is offering assistance through its customer care team in response to any unhappiness among consumers who have already purchased or pre-ordered the OnePlus 12R. People who are impacted are urged to get in touch in order to discuss possible solutions that fit with their interests and preferences.

The disclosure made by OnePlus on the disparity in UFS storage in the OnePlus 12R highlights the significance of precise product details and openness within the technology sector. Despite the possibility that the error would affect how customers see the firm, it is still dedicated to responding to complaints and making sure every user has a positive experience.

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