“OnePlus Unveils OxygenOS 14: Get Ready for a Turbocharged Android Experience!”

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey September 4, 2023
Updated 2023/09/04 at 5:59 PM

On September 25, OnePlus will launch OxygenOS 14, its highly awaited proprietary Android skin, promising consumers a faster and more responsive experience. This big upgrade, which is based on the future Android 14 OS, is the second important change since the OnePlus and Oppo merger.

With OxygenOS 14, OnePlus prioritizes performance above anything else. The “Trinity Engine,” which they are launching, seeks to improve the synergy between hardware and software. This engine makes the following claims: Hyper Boost, Hyper Touch, ROM Vitalization, CPU Vitalization, and Hyper Rendering. As a consequence, multitasking is more productive, and the user experience is generally quicker and smoother.

The list of devices expected to run the OxygenOS 14 operating system based on Android 14 is exciting news for OnePlus consumers. The OnePlus 11, OnePlus Nord 3, OnePlus 11R, and the OnePlus 10 Pro follow in the initial wave. Before its worldwide release, OnePlus was actively working with testers to optimize the operating system.

OnePlus Releases OxygenOS 14 Third Alpha Build for OnePlus 11 with New AOD  Display Styles, File Dock

While specifics on other OnePlus phones that qualify for the upgrade are yet unknown, there are reports that even newly released products like the Nord CE 3 and Nord 3 Lite will receive the update. These 5G-capable smartphones are consistent with OnePlus’ promise to update the Android OS for future models. The launch schedule for these gadgets hasn’t been determined yet, though.

The OnePlus 10T, OnePlus Nord 2T, OnePlus 10R, OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite, OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R, and OnePlus 8T may also be eligible for the Android 14 OS upgrade if OnePlus adheres to their software policy. At the end of September, keep a look out for new information from OnePlus about the Android 14 rollout schedule. Users may check back frequently for the most recent information as the business prepares to release OxygenOS 14 with exciting ideas.

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