OPPO Unveils Air Glass 3 with AI Assistant at MWC 2024: A New Era in Assisted Reality

Mahek Baid
Mahek Baid February 27, 2024
Updated 2024/02/27 at 10:21 AM

OPPO has unveiled its latest innovation, the OPPO Air Glass 3, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024. These lightweight smart glasses feature AI integration, allowing for seamless interactions with AI through the powerful AndesGPT model accessed via a smartphone app.

The glasses also come equipped with an AI Motion algorithm based on HVS technology, which enhances photography and videography by providing clarity even when capturing high-speed moving objects.

OPPO’s commitment to AI development is demonstrated through the establishment of the OPPO AI Center and the OPPO AI Smartphone White Paper, which outlines the roadmap for the transition of smartphones into AI-powered devices.

Oppo introduces Air Glass 3 XR prototype at MWC 2024 - GSMArena.com news

The OPPO Air Glass 3 is designed for everyday use, with a weight of only 50 grams and a self-developed resin waveguide that provides optimal visual clarity. The glasses also feature multimodal AI technology that can process various data types, enabling more natural and complex user interactions.

OPPO’s collaboration with partners like Google, Qualcomm Technologies, and MediaTek is evident at MWC 2024, where they showcase their products alongside these companies. OPPO smartphone users will soon be able to connect their devices with Microsoft Copilot, further enhancing technological experiences across the industry.

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