PM Modi inaugurates 5G testbed in India

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali May 23, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 5:03 AM

PM Modi speaks about India’s quick 5G network development during his speech at the TRAI’s Silver Jubilee. The PM also inaugurates the country’s first 5G testbed for network deployment. The testbed setup will cost roughly 220 crores. 5G technology would also bring a positive impact on governance and industrial advancement.

PM Modi inaugurates 5G testbed in India



PM Modi’s launch aims at low dependence on foreign facilities¬†

PM Modi’s vision is to make India self-reliant. 5G testbed will enable start-ups and will put industry players at ease to test their products locally. This could assist to reduce reliance on foreign facilities. In the form of 5Gi, India’s own 5G standard has been created. They would aid in the spread of 5G technology throughout the country.

It is indeed a great initiative by PM Modi as this would save time and reduce costs. Earlier, Indian industry players had to travel to other countries to evaluate their products which was much more time-consuming. In addition, PM’s inaugurated technology might add $450 billion to the country’s GDP.

However, the rollout auction is still pending and is planned to take place in June-July. Post the auction, telecom operators would be allowed to bring 5G to India.


The IT Union Minister makes 5G call

After inauguration, First 5G call tested at IIT Madras

5Gi is a collaborative standard model created through IIT Hyderabad and Chennai. Union IT Minister, Mr. Ashwini Vaishnaw tested 5G technology. He also witnessed a 5G testbed demonstration at IIT Madras, which was a success. The Minister took to his Twitter to share the news, mentioning the successful 5G call testing. He also stated that “the entire end-to-end network is designed and developed in India”.

PM Modi believes that connectivity is the key to survival in a modern environment. As a result, he advocates for modernized connectivity at all levels. His goal is to provide a 5G network to every village in the country.

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